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"Anti Semitism" - Goyim React Like Pavlov's Dogs

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"Anti Semitism" - Goyim React Like Pavlov's Dogs Empty "Anti Semitism" - Goyim React Like Pavlov's Dogs

Mesaj Scris de Joker2009 Dum Mai 18, 2014 8:45 pm

"Anti Semitism" - Goyim React Like Pavlov's Dogs EINSTEIN-ANTI-SEMITISM-QUOTE
What does it say about the world when the thing people fear most is not the KGB, or the CIA, or DHS, it's the charge of "anti Semitism"!!??
Makow -  We can counter the Pavlovian programming by saying  "the political agenda of organized Jewry is world tyranny, and if its 'anti Semitic'

 to oppose the NWO, I'm proud to be an anti-Semite!"

"An anti-Semite used to mean a man who hated Jews. Now it means a man who is hated by Jews." - Joseph Sobran 

I grew up a Gentile amongst Jews in the NYC suburbs and the subject of "anti Semitism" has always amazed me. As I've grown older, it's become even more of an "untouchable issue" as "political correctness" has eroded free speech.

This recently resurfaced when I had sent an article to an old Jewish friend.  He dismissed it summarily by saying,"this is anti-Semitic BS", without considering the content. As someone who usually weighs all sides, his reply was uncharacteristically dismissive.As I said, I grew up amongst Jews. Despite the cliche, many of my best friends were Jewish through high school and beyond. I was an officer in a Jewish-dominated men's organization. My wife is Jewish--so if I'm "anti-Semitic," I have a weird way of showing it.My wife's from a secular Jewish family yet she distinctly remembers having been inculcated with a "persecution complex." Though from a loose dysfunctional family, she clearly had been informed that the Jews were "God's Chosen people," TM.  She said the mindset was clearly, "I'm Chosen, therefore I'm persecuted."  She also told me that the name Jesus would make her recoil and think "that traitor!" Churches to her were dark buildings where mysterious things went on inside. My wife knows she was indoctrinated but doesn't know when or how.

 By the way, she's been wide awake to all this for a long time and totally agrees "anti Semitism" is a disingenuous (shall we say stereotypically Jewish?) trick used for the purposes of controlling the Gentile mind. They admit they use it as a sleazy trick to disarm their political opponents. 

The novel and movie Exodus were commissioned by Zionist propagandists for mind control purposes. Exodus used the holocaust and Moses' migration out of Egypt to justify the theft of the Palestinian homeland. The musical theme was extremely powerful and effective. I'm a music lover and this theme really engulfed my impressionable young mind and heart. 

Exodus was audio-visual mental and emotional programming at its best,  Biblical in proportions. Who's gonna argue with that? Pretty effective stuff. (Read more on the background of this scam here.)  


This charge of "anti-Semitism" is a form of mind control.  We have been so programmed by guilt, we're like Pavlov's dog. Even whisper the "J" word and wham!--you get jolted with a thousand volts of "anti-Semite!" 


How DARE you! People even do it to themselves now, the programming is so profound, and you can almost see people self-flagellating when the word is brought up.It's intimidation pure and simple. They make examples out of "questioners" or "anti-Semites" just to stop anyone from implying anything Jewish, Israeli, or Zionist is wrong. Think Rick Sanchez and Helen Thomas. "How could you believe in prejudice like that! Don't you know who these people are? They've suffered terribly and if you even START to talk negative it's a slippery slope to an instant Nazi revival and another holocaust!"

When did questioning anything become illegal? And why are Jews always pictured in the best possible light in the press and media, while Christians, Muslims and just about anyone else are 'fair game' for criticism? The fawning and phony sympathy is perpetual and nauseating.

One scholar has a very enlightening take on this phenomenon and its roots: 

"Intensive Jewish propagandizing in all social spheres (mass media, government, the educational apparatus, etc.) since the so-called "Holocaust" of World War II has successfully framed Jewish power, Jewish history, Jewish political activism, and Jewish identity itself to be beyond the realm of reasoned critical inquiry. Anyone who has dared to mount a sustained critique of anything Jewish has faced, at worst, an avalanche of smears, threats, and character assassinations and, at best, the silent treatment: a virtual banishment from the realm of what is declared to be reasoned public discourse."

Or as Voltaire famously said, ' You know who your Masters are by whom you are not allowed to criticize." 


Tim Warner is the pen name of a prominent Internet blogger. 

Makow Comment: 

"Anti Semitism" is a red herring, a disingenuous attempt to disarm opposition by portraying political opposition as racial prejudice and bigotry. 

It's obvious that organized Jewry has a political program synonymous with the Rothschild satanic world government agenda. This agenda encompasses the political and economic establishment in the West. Masonic Jews, their  Freemason allies, and many dupes, are prominent in advancing this agenda in politics, education, business and the media. 

Individual Jews are no more culpable for this agenda than ordinary Americans or Europeans whose governments serve as sock puppets for Illuminati world government. But just as the victims of CIA drone attacks would be justified in being "anti American," so it is reasonable to be anti Semitic if Jews and Jewish organization are instrumental in advancing the NWO agenda. 

We must take the "anti Semitic" smear away by owning it. 

In the past,  many legitimate anti-Semitic political movements protected Christian religion, race, nationality and family from the dissoluble effect of Rothschild social engineering. For example, Karl Leugar, the Christian Democratic Party "anti-Semite" Mayor of Vienna from 1897 to 1910 is considered one of the best Mayors the city ever had .     

We are not racial anti-Semites who condemn individuals because of an accident of birth. Many Jews are not Rothschild toadies, just as most Americans do not support their government's satanic war policies.

Nonetheless, as long as most Jews push the NWO agenda, (as Liberals, Socialists, Neo Cons, Communists, Zionists and Feminists) and others refuse to speak out, all inevitably will be tarred. Jews need to know that unwittingly, they are a Trojan Horse for a pretty nasty scenario. This is true also of Freemasons and to a lesser extent people in general. The same folks that control organized Jewry, control most everything else. They're bankers and everything requires money.         

We can counter the Pavlovian programming by saying "the political agenda of organized Jewry is Illuminati world tyranny, and if its 'anti-Semitic' to oppose the NWO, then I'm proud to be an anti-Semite!" 

Until we stop being Pavlov's Dogs, they'll continue to get away with murder, literally.



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